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Haylee Danyelle Mazzella
July 13 2001 - June 3 2006




When it would rain, she'd say "We better hurry and get inside 'cause sugar melts!" 

She always used to tell MeMaw "I love you more much!"

She called her Daddy "Da-doo" when she was very tiny.

She'd always say "how 'bout" as in... "How 'bout we eat at McDonalds?"  "How 'bout we watch something different?" (if she didn't like the movie someone was watching)  "Ummm, Ray-Ray, how 'bout we do that again?" if she liked a game they were playing.

When she found out from MeMaw that her beloved teacher in pre-K, Mrs. Schayot, wouldn't be her teacher the next year, she just looked at MeMaw for a minute & then said "well then I just won't go to school."


When she had to give up her nunu (pacifier), one day her mommy went to take a nap.  Haylee climbed up in MeMaw's lap & said, "Mommy's asleep, go get me my nunu!"

"Buckie your seat belt!"

"You spoil me, MeMaw!"

"Mommy, the moon looks like a fingernail."

"Mommy, where's the rest of the moon?"

When she first started talking, she couldn't say Shelby, so she called her "Belby"  She called Joseph (her cousin) DoDo (meaning to say "JoJo")

"MeMaw, I want you to hold me with both arms."

MeMaw bought Haylee & Shelby twin dolls for Christmas one year.  Haylee named hers "nunu" & Shelby named hers "sippy cup."

"MeMaw, why don't you sleep in your earrings?  I sleep in mine."  Ever since the day after Haylee died, MeMaw has been wearing (& sleeping in) Haylee's 1st pair of birthstone earrings.

"Mommy (or MeMaw) will you find me a channel?"


                Unk (Uncle Rusty) has a turtle on his back porch. He would dig worms to feed it. Haylee loved worms, so therefore she did not want the turtle to eat worms. So Unk told her that he only fed bad worms to the turtle. Every time she saw him digging worms, she would say “Unk, is this a good worm or a bad worm?”

Whenever Haylee got to get a treat, like a new toy or a honey bun or whatever it might be, she never wanted one just for herself.  She always included her little brother & her best friend & cousin, Shelby.  She'd say, "can we get one for Shelby too?" or "Don't forget Bubba; he needs clothes too!" or "Can me & Shelby have a honey bun?"  She was so generous and loving!

"I'm the best finder in the world.  I can find whatever you're looking for."

At red lights, Haylee would say "Turn green, light; turn green, light; turn green, light" until it would turn green.  Then she'd say "I made the light turn green!!!"

"When Bubba gets older, his peepee will fall off like mine did, huh Mommy?"

"I'm going to be Dr. Lucas when I grow up!"

One time she locked herself in MeMaw's bathroom when she was two.  MeMaw had to take the door off the hinges to get Haylee out.  Haylee never cried or complained - she just sat there real quietly and waited.

"I dialed your number and Mommy doesn't know I called you!"

"What's takin' Shelby so long to get here??" (she'd say that at least a dozen times anytime she was waiting for Shelby to arrive)

One time her Mommy had to go by the mall just real quickly to get one thing.  On the way out, Haylee said, "Mommy, no one told me I was beautiful!"  She was used to everybody stopping them to tell her how beautiful she was.

"Bubba's gonna be so handsome when he grows up!"

"I checked your mailbox & you don't have any mail.  Those mailmen just don't like you, but the women do!"

She would take off Bubba's socks and look in between his toes and say "Eww Yuck Bubba has toe cheese!"

"This is mine and your car, huh, MeMaw?"

"You are the bestest MeMaw in the world!"

"I was right! You were wrong!!" "

One time she was standing on a chair at MeMaw's, washing her plastic dishes in the sink.  MeMaw noticed she was holding a glass and told her to put it down before it broke because it could cut her.  Haylee kept washing the glass.  Finally MeMaw told her to put it down or she would spank her butt.  Haylee started crying and said, "MeMaw you never said that to me before!"

"Da-doo will you sleep with me tonight?"

"I take big bites; Bubba takes little bites."

She would eat pancakes and take one bite herself & then she'd say "it's Bubba's turn now!"

She'd look in MeMaw's ears and say "You have bad ears!  You've been eating apples again!"

"Look at my feet MeMaw - I'm wearing your high heels!"

Haylee's cousin JoJo plays guitar. She called his guitar picks "hearts." When she would find one that he'd left laying around, she'd say "I found JoJo's heart!" After Haylee died, MeMaw had a necklace made for JoJo of a guitar pick with a ruby (Haylee's birthstone) stone on the front. The back of the pick says "Haylee's Heart." JoJo has never taken the necklace off.

"I love you to the moon and back!"

Her Mommy would ask her, "Who loves you the most?" & Haylee'd always say, "MOMMY!!!"

"Let's go find a lizard."

"Can we go outside and dig for worms?"

"MeMaw, can you scratch my back until I fall asleep?"  When MeMaw would stop Haylee'd say, "I'm not asleep yet!"

When her family would ask her a question, she'd say "Yes Ma'am" or "No Ma'am" and then she would say "I said Yes Ma'am!"  She was so polite.

She loved her school uniform so much and was so proud to wear it that she didn't want to change into something more comfortable when she got home from school.

She would call MeMaw on speed dial & say "Hi, MeMaw - whatcha doin?"  MeMaw would say folding clothes and Haylee would say "What else are you doing?" MeMaw'd say "watching TV." Haylee would say "And what else are you doing?" etc. etc.

"Mommy, can I wear flip flops today?"

"Don't cry, Mommy.  It's going to be okay." "Oh! Yeah! These shoes fit alright!" "MeMaw, can I wash your table?" "Mommy, can I brush your hair?" "Mommy forgot to give me my num-num today." (instead of num nums) "MeMaw, I think you are so beautiful just the way you are!" "MeMaw, can I wear your makeup?" "MeMaw, I'm not going to miss you when you go on that plane to Aunt Sherry's, because I'm going with you!" When she'd see a school bus, she would say, "There's Ra-Ra's school bus." "MeMaw, will you buy me some plums and watermelons?" "I have to teach Bubba how to brush his teeth." "Mommy, I have homework tonight." "Mommy, can we have a picnic in the back yard?" When Bubba would bite her, Mommy & MeMaw would tell her to bite him back. She'd say "I can't bite my brother it would hurt him." "Can I roll down the window and let the wind blow in my face and hair?" "MeMaw, my feet are really cold. Can I put my feet between your knees to warm them up?" (they were in bed) MeMaw would pick her up at school and then they'd wait on the bench outside her Mommy's classroom (Sonya teaches high school English at a Christian private school). Some of the students would pass by and speak to Haylee & she'd look up at MeMaw and say, "Those are Mommy's kids." Sonya & MeMaw had helped Haylee hang a birdhouse by her Pop's grave. One day while taking Pop flowers, Haylee stood on the bench to look in the birdhouse. She started hollering, "Mommy these big ants are flying and chasing me!" She started running towards her Mommy and MeMaw. The ants were not ants at all; they were wasps that had built a nest in her birdhouse. She never got stung once by them. Once when Haylee couldn't get rid of a cold, Dr. Lucas put her on steroids. That night they were laying in MeMaw's bed and Haylee began to talk. "MeMaw, there's a baby on that fan. Go catch it because it's going to fall off! It's a real baby, MeMaw, go get it before it falls and gets hurt." They called Dr. Lucas and she took Haylee off of the steroids, but Haylee never liked to look at that fan again. MeMaw would fix her lunch and put a little surprise (like cherries) in it & when Haylee'd get home she'd say "MeMaw you put a surprise in my lunchbox." "Bubba can do the I love you sign." "MeMaw, did I make a perfect 3 this time?" She'd jump up onto MeMaw's lap & say, "Let's play that neck game." It was a game where she would kiss MeMaw on the neck and MeMaw would laugh really hard. "I see the moon; the moon sees me; God bless the moon and God bless me." "Mommy, (or MeMaw) do I look beautiful?" "MeMaw, can I "spend" with you tonight?" "Jesus wouldn't like that, would he Mommy?" "Can we get Chinese?" (food) "Evan always wants to play that kissing game at recess. I told Mrs. Schayot that I didn't want to play it, so she made him stop." When MeMaw would bathe her and take her to dry off, she'd call her Skinny Butt. Haylee would laugh and say "Don't call me Skinny Butt!" "I want to be a cheerleader, just like Ra-Ra." "I have to call JoJo and tell him I made all A's just like him." "I'm going to marry JoJo when I grow up!" They'd tell her JoJo was her cousin & she couldn't marry him. So she said "Well, then I'm going to marry Travis!" (Travis is Joe's best friend). "I'll help you put your curlers in your hair." "I'll help you make your bed." When she'd spend the night with MeMaw, she'd say "Let's snuggle in your bed and watch movies and read books." When Bubba would cry & they couldn't get him to stop, Haylee'd start saying "Waaaa Waaaa Wa Waaaa" over and over & he would stop crying. The wind would blow MeMaw's flag that hung from her house up on the roof and it would get stuck there. Haylee'd say "Go spank that flag. It's not supposed to be on the roof." "Mommy can we get donuts on the way home?" "These orange drinks are for me, MeMaw, and Uncle Robbie." Sonya gave her senior class a crawfish boil, and Haylee told MeMaw, "she's doing it for her students!" "MeMaw, will you carry me to the car?" "Ride me piggyback to the front room, MeMaw!" Reading books was just about her favorite thing to do. She would beg her family to read 4 or 5 books every night before bed. Then when she was in Pre-K she learned to read simple books like "Dick and Jane." She was sooooo happy. She wanted to read to everyone who would listen. When MeMaw would pick her up & they'd go to pick up Bubba, Haylee'd say, "Now it's not the big one - it's the other one... I'll show you where his room is." When they'd get to his room, she'd say "Bubba, look who's here!" "I love Caesar salads." "MeMaw let's ride the horsey." (Meaning MeMaw's foot) "Can me and Shelby take our shoes off?" "Can me and Shelby take a bath together?" One morning the phone rang at MeMaw's really early. It was Haylee. She said "MeMaw I called you all by myself 'cause Mommy is sick and laying on the floor." MeMaw asked her to get in the fridge and get some orange juice and give it to Mommy. She laid the phone down and got the juice. She held on until Sonya could talk to MeMaw & tell her she was better. Her hypoglycemia was acting up. When she'd eat her pancakes and watch cartoons, MeMaw would have to remind her to chew because she'd get so involved in the cartoon. "MeMaw, why are you in that hospital bed? What is that in your arm?" (it was an I.V.) "MeMaw, Evan didn't want to play with me today. He wanted to play with the boys!" "Look what Andre gave me!" (her "boyfriend") She would spend the night with Shelby and end up sleeping with Uncle Robbie because Shelby always wanted to sleep with her Mommy. During and after Hurricane Katrina, the family stayed in Texas with Aunt Sherry & Unk Rusty & Rachel and Joe for about 6 weeks. She became very close to Sherry, Rusty, JoJo and Ray Ray during those weeks. "Can we go back to Disney World?" "Andre is my boyfriend, but Evan is my best friend." Instead of saying "sandwich" she would say "samwich." "MeMaw, can I help you decorate your Christmas tree?" "Can me and Shelby hand out the Christmas gifts from under the tree?" She would always tell Uncle Robbie, "don't smoke!" The next one's in MeMaw's own words: Many nights she would call me (she knew how to call me on ‘speed dial’) and she would say. “MeMaw can you come over?” I would say, ”Not tonight, Baby Girl, it’s too late” She would use that little ‘pouty’ voice and say, “But I want you, MeMaw.” Now how I wish I had gone over every time she called.!!! Sonya was "always prepared," according to MeMaw. Once while out shopping at Burlington, Haylee had to go potty (newly potty-trained). At Burlington, you have to ask a sales associate to let you in the restrooms, and it always takes awhile for them to come. Haylee had to go really bad & was getting very uncomfortable & upset. Sonya whipped out a pull-up diaper, had Haylee step out of her panties & into the pull-up, & told her to go potty. She did. Of course, Sonya had a wet wipe in her purse. Problem fixed! She said her own name a lot. When she'd say something, her family would say, "who said that?" & Haylee would smile so cute & say "Haylee did." She'd tell Shelby, "come sit by Haylee." She loved a television commercial where a little girl with really long hair drinks grape juice. When it would come on TV, she'd scream for MeMaw & say "That little girl is on TV again! I want my hair to be as long as her hair!" She loved to drink grape juice, and MeMaw doesn't know if that's why or not. She loved to sing "Jingle Bells" whether it was Christmas time or not!





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