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Shelli Stuart

Memorial created 11-24-2008 by
Shelli Stuart
Haylee Danyelle Mazzella
July 13 2001 - June 3 2006

Tattoos For Haylee

The 1st person to get a memorial tattoo for little Haylee was her mommy, Sonya Mazzella.  It isn't just any old tattoo, either...

Sonya appeared on an episode of "Miami Ink" (reality show based on a tattoo shop & the different artists and customers) and got a portrait tattoo of Haylee.  The tattoo was done by a beautiful and talented artist who is very well-respected, Kat.  Kat is known for capturing the soul of a picture when she does a portrait tattoo.  She outdid herself in Haylee's case!



Haylee's Daddy, Tommy Mazzella, got a beautiful tattoo of Haylee's Homecoming Princess picture from 2005.  His little princess is with him wherever he goes, in this visible way and in ways that can only be felt with the heart.  Haylee will always be a part of Mommy & Daddy's lives, and they wanted Haylee and everybody they come in contact with to know it.




Haylee's beloved cousin, Joseph Bryant (he's 11 years older than Haylee) got the next tattoo.  It is a drawing of Haylee's real little baby footprints, with her name under them.  It also has the year of her birth & the year of her untimely death.  It is such a beautiful tribute from JoJo to Haylee.



Next came Janni's tattoo for Haylee.  To show that Haylee is with her every step she takes the rest of her life, Janni had Haylee's beautiful name tattooed onto her foot.


The next tattoo is mine...  I got a tattoo of Haylee's favorite dinosaur from "The Land Before Time" - Littlefoot.  Only I had him done in pink for Haylee's favorite color!  Her name is written right underneath Littlefoot.  The tattoo is on my lower calf / ankle.




Here's a collage of all 5 Haylee Tattoos... a small testament to the gigantic way this little girl is loved! 



Another shot of Mommy's tattoo ~ absolutely incredible!  This is just one tiny indicator of the depths of Sonya's love for Haylee.



The episode of Miami Ink, edited to show just the parts about Haylee, is posted on the page titled "NEW - tattoo videos" near the end of this memorial.



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Haylee's Homecoming Princess Photo for Dada's tattoo

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