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Shelli Stuart

Memorial created 11-24-2008 by
Shelli Stuart
Haylee Danyelle Mazzella
July 13 2001 - June 3 2006




Haylee Loves Pink!

Her Signature Color

Pretty in Pink, Miss Haylee







Head-to-toe pink!




She got her pink bunny she asked for ~

Easter 2006.




Always in sweet little pink dresses




Top it all off with 2 pretty pink ribbons



Silly in pink, sometimes!



Mommy & I wore pink for this portrait



Her backpack is ~ of course! ~ Pink



Daddy & Little Haylee

Tiny Pink Bathing Suit




Pink 4-wheeler From MeMaw

and happy pink Haylee cheeks!




My Mommy wore pink on my 2nd Angelversary, to show me how much she loves me.  I love you, too, Mommy!





My resting place is filled with pink for me ~ adorned with love by so many broken hearts






I wore pink in my last portrait...





I have a pink remembrance tree at my gravesite; my family decorates it for me




My little brother sent me this pink balloon.  He wishes I could visit him.



 Pink is the Color

Written for Haylee & her family 6/9/08

Pink was the color God chose for His brush 
when he lovingly painted Haylee's sweet blush.
Pink was the color she always dressed in
Pink were her lips turned up in a grin
Pink were the ribbons tied in her hair
Pink was the color she so loved to wear
Pink was the color she loved very best
"The pink one!" she'd say
for every new dress
Head-to-toe pink wore this little girl
when her sweet little form would turn in a twirl
Pink was her heart with each little beat
Pink were ten toes upon her small feet
Pink was the color until that dark day
When dear little Haylee was taken away
The landscape has changed & the color is gone
Pink went away with Haylee's last song
Pink is the color of presents and flowers
Placed on her grave in these lonely hours
But pink, without Haylee, just doesn't look right
It's missing what made it so lovely a sight
Instead of the pink, our eyes now see tears
Relentlessly falling for years upon years
Now pink is the color of longing and sorrow
We long to see Haylee on each new tomorrow
Pink is the color beheld with a sigh
As we cry "Dear Jesus, why'd she have to die??"
But wait, you might say; I see pink all the time
Your eyes are just different, so different from mine
Your eyes haven't wept til the pink was erased
as they searched each new moment
for Haylee's sweet face
One day the rainbow that shines from the sky
will bathe me in pink and open my eyes
For it will be time for my life here to end
And I know which Angel to greet me He'll send
She'll have wings of pink, all sparkling with glitter
Around me she'll dance; around me she'll flitter
The darkness then will leave my soul
Haylee's pink will make me whole
But 'til I meet Haylee in Heaven one day
the color of life will always be grey.




I wore pink for my last trip to the zoo...




Haylee's Christmas Poem 2008

The Color of Christmas
For most people Christmas comes
in shades of red and green
but in my house at Christmas time
is quite a different scene

When I dream of Christmas
my dream is not of white
I dream of a pink Christmas
and your light that shone so bright
Every single ornament
I place upon my tree 
is pink for my dear baby girl
who can't be here with me
There is another pink tree too
for you this Christmas morn
it's with you at your gravesite
with so much love adorned

May it prove to you, sweet girl
my love for you unchanged
for you I've kept each thing the same
there's nothing rearranged
When you were small I made my tree
all shades of pink for you
and I want to show you baby girl
my heart's forever true
In every lovely pink glass ball

all the twinkling lights
my heart will see your pretty face
The loveliest of sights
When I place your sweet pink angel
high atop my tree
I'll remember all the years
you placed it there for me

hen I hear the story
of Christmas by the tree
ll remember how you used to sit
and listen quietly

s each gift is handed out
on Christmas day to me
your tiny hands extended
are all my heart will see
Please come and stay awhile sweet girl
with me on Christmas day
ook upon your tree so pink
around it dance and play
nd if you should look over
and see tears on my face
it means I love you, Haylee girl
and you I cant replace
o please be happy, angel
on Christmas have good cheer
romise me you'll come to see
your trees of pink each year
You see my tiny dear sweet love
you're still first in my heart
and Christmas will not come to me
if you can't play your part


Every time that I see pink on Christmas and all year,  my heart will swell with love for you, my precious darling dear   




Tiny pink tutus for tiny dancers

You Are My Love
Myspace Glitter Graphics








Girls With Pink Guitars!





A real Haylee postage stamp!

A must-have for any stamp collector <3





Pink, Pink, Pink!


Myspace Codes





Uncle Rusty, Aunt Sherry, cousins JoJo & Ray-Ray decorated this tree for Haylee for Christmas, 2008


Get a Cursor! ZingerBug.com - Comments, glitter graphics, cursors, and more!


Haylee's Aunt Sherry, Unk Rusty, and cousins JoJo & Ray-Ray planted a pink garden for her on her 2nd Angelversary on 6-3-08.  They even bought a pink shovel to plant the garden with!  There is a lovely angel & little girl statue as well as many other beautiful decorations.  The next several pictures are all from Haylee's garden.




MeMaw's Pink Christmas Tree 2008

MeMaw's tree was always decorated in pink each year because Haylee loved pink so much.  It will always be done in pink, just for Haylee.


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2-8-09 Mommy & Bubba read to Haylee

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