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Memorial created 11-24-2008 by
Shelli Stuart
Haylee Danyelle Mazzella
July 13 2001 - June 3 2006


Haylee's family just got past a horribly difficult date, Haylee's 3 year Angelversary on 6-3-09. Every year they have a memorial service at Haylee's resting place and that's what they did this year, too. This gets harder and harder for them each year, each month, each day even. A bunch of Haylee's friends from the internet did special things for her like wore pink, lit pink candles, wore pigtails in their hair (so did Haylee's Mommy Sonya), released pink balloons, made tribute videos, etc. MeMaw told me this was the only bit of joy in this sad, sad day for them.

Now Haylee's family is preparing for yet another painful day - Haylee's 8th birthday on 7-13-09. Please pray for her family during this extremely difficult time. 6/30/09 Please keep Haylee's fammily in your prayers as they have lost another dear family member... MeMaw's brother-in-law, Pop's brother, passed away... he was MeMaw's favorite family member on that side of her family & was always there for her and her family... he always came from Mississippi to visit Pop when Pop had cancer, and he came to Haylee's funeral. Please pray also for travelling safety as the family travels to Mississippi and back for the funeral. After that Sonya, MeMaw, & Bubba will travel to Houston, Texas to help Aunt Sherry and Uncle Rusty as Uncle Rusty is in the ICU following several surgeries. Your prayers for him would be greatly appreciated as he is not doing too well. Thank you for your love and support for this dear family. 7/9/09 Haylee's family is safe at home again & preparing to get through Haylee's 8th birthday on 7/13/09. They miss her so very much, more and more every minute! Uncle Rusty is doing much, much better! On You Tube, Haylee had about 60 videos that had been made for her when I started this memorial site in November 2008. I just checked and now Haylee has 189 tribute videos on You Tube! So many loving people care so much about her and work so hard to honor her & their efforts are lovely and appreciated <3 7/14/09 Yesterday was Haylee's 8th Birthday & there was such an outpouring of love for her and her family! Thank you to everybody who made videos, released balloons, wore pink, left sweet messages, lit candles, prayed, etc. You are always, always appreciated & help her family to feel a tiny bit less alone in their pain. Haylee's family held a memorial service at her resting place, and released 8 pink balloons with an "8" on them to Haylee up in Heaven. Haylee now has over 215 videos on You Tube <3. I added a section on Haylee's tributes page about her many pages on Fotolog.com - thank you Yesica for the info! 7/27/09 I got new home videos of Haylee; they are posted on her Facebook page (Haylee Danyelle Mazzella Memory Of) and also on You Tube & on my share page at One True Media. I'm getting a whole bunch more soon! I'll post them as soon as I get them. Please keep little Bubba in your prayers as he is having some medical tests done & is having a lot of pain & can't eat very well; thank you! 8/9/09 Bubba still hasn't gotten his follow up test results but I will put an update when he does. I just added a bunch of things to the "Cute Sayings" page. 8/10/09 Some pics added to the "Haylee's Tributes" page. 8/14/09 Bubba had to miss his doctor's appointment to get his test results because of bad weather, but we hope and pray for good news when he goes to his new appointment! Aunt Sherry is still having health problems; please keep her in your prayers; Haylee loved her so much! I added more things to the cute sayings page. If you haven't already, join Haylee's group on Facebook; it's called Memory Haylee Danyelle Mazzella & I have uploaded over 1,200 photos of Haylee there. Her group has 339 members as of this date. 8/17/09 First of all, Bubba got GOOD RESULTS from his doctor visit!!! His problem is clearing up and turned out not to be serious. He has gained 2 pounds and grown 3/4 inches. Aunt Sherry is still having some health problems but is currently feeling a little bit better. Please continue to pray for her good health. Haylee's Facebook page now has 354 members. 9/21/09 Haylee's Facebook group now has 448 members & she has more than 330 tribute videos that have been made for and about her on You Tube. Haylee's family is doing okay (if you can ever call living without Haylee "okay" -- which it never could be!) They are currently sitting tight through the hurricane season in Louisiana and are glad they have not had to evacuate yet this year. There are only a few weeks left in Hurricane Season, so hopefully this year it'll leave them alone & let them stay at home where they want to be, near Haylee's resting place. Bubba is almost 5 (his birthday is November 5). That will be a very hard thing for Sonya because Haylee never got to be five... The pain of this horrible tragedy never ceases; it only grows with time. I added a new picture and little story about Haylee's jewelry armoire from MeMaw; it's on the tributes page. 11/7/09 Well, Bubba is very excited that he turned 5 on the 5th! He's having a birthday party on 11/15/09 (delayed so his daddy could attend as he has to work on other days). Please keep MeMaw in your prayers as she goes in for eye surgery on November 11th. Pray for a speedy healing as the doctors say it is a very long healing process & we don't want MeMaw to go through that. Haylee's Facebook group now has over 500 members! I have been adding "new" home movies of Haylee all over You Tube - from when she was about a year old all the way until age 2 and a half. Any day now I will be getting 9 more DVDs in the mail from MeMaw and Sonya, full of home movies of Haylee - so I'm excited to see those & will be uploading them as fast as I can. Thanks so much to everybody who leaves messages for Haylee's family in her guestbook; I always forward them right away & each message means a lot to them. Thank you for loving Haylee; that helps light a tiny little light in Sonya and MeMaw's dark world. Take care! 12-5-09 Well, thankfully MeMaw's eye surgery went very well; she said she felt her baby girl's presence with her in the operating room, calming her. Right now, the Mazzellas and Easleys / Bryants are just trying to cope with the holidays; even though you wouldn't think it could get any worse, their pain always increases tenfold around the holidays. Their favorite holiday was always Christmas & they always went "all out," and now each year they have to do it all without Haylee. Their hearts are so heavy yet they put on such a brave face for little Bubba. They say they just can't believe their baby girl won't be with them for yet another Christmas. Bubba had a wonderful time at his 5th birthday party & is doing very well. He talks of his big sister all the time & misses her very much. He also loves dinosaurs because she did. So sweet. I am continuing to upload new home video of Haylee, from age newborn to 4 - all on my You Tube channel, which is called Shellistuart. As of today, Haylee has 513 You Tube videos. The number grows daily as numerous people from all over the world upload new tributes every single day. Her Facebook group has 537 members today. I can never thank all of the people who love Haylee and support and love her wonderful family enough - MeMaw tells me that this group of people often provides the only spark of joy in a horrifically painful day. 1-3-10 The sad beginning of another year without Haylee. Today is especially sad as Haylee passed away 3 years & 7 months ago today. Haylee's family just got through the holidays, which were sadder this year than ever. They said they just couldn't believe their baby girl wouldn't be there with them on Christmas again. I added a few stories to the Cute Sayings page, and a correction to a story on the Interesting Things About Haylee page. I added a picture of the new charm bracelets MeMaw bought for Sonya and me for Christmas 2009; the charms are perfect for Haylee. Haylee now has over 650 tribute videos on You Tube, and she has 558 members in her Facebook group. 3/19/10 Haylee's Mommy Sonya will be graduating with her Master's Degree in Secondary Education on March 27, 2010. At the bottom of her graduation invitation it says "accomplished in loving memory of Haylee Danyelle Mazzella and Buford "Pop" Easley." Throughout studying to earn this degree, Sonya has said repeatedly that she could not have done any of it without help from Haylee. We love you, Haylee Girl! Congratulations, Sonya; I know Haylee is so proud of her Mommy. So am I. Love you so much.


Haylee's family just lived through yet another Angelversary - the 4th one, and what should have been their baby girl's 9th birthday.  Please keep them in your prayers as this gets harder and harder for them as time passes.  Never easier, never.

Haylee now has over 1,000 tribute videos on You Tube!  Her Facebook group has over 600 members and 900 fans.  People can't help but fall in love with this wonderful little girl. 

Please check out the new page I added today as it has a link to the WONDERFUL tribute video Shannon Clarke made for Haylee's 9th birthday.  It is my most favorite of all the Haylee videos and it is a must-see.  Many people from all over the world participated in it and it is so moving and full of love.

2-20-2011 Haylee now has over 1390 videos on You Tube! Her Facebook group has 711 members. I just uploaded a bunch of new home video from when Haylee was about 6 & 7 months old. Really cute ones of her with tiny baby Shelby! Bubba has a little girlfriend. She has blonde pigtails and blue eyes and her name (can you believe this??) is "Kaylee." Bubba's basketball team won the championship game, and Bubba scored 7 points! Bubba lost his first tooth - so cute. I added a story to the "funny sayings" page and added several new pictures to the tributes page. Ray-Ray will graduate from high school this June (2011). Congratulations, Rachel <3 November 25, 2011: Bubba took swimming lessons last summer -- a wonderful gift of love that was very painful for the family to go through. We hear from a source that Haylee was very happy about this! As many of you know, not long after Haylee's tragedy, the house she was growing up in with her family burned down due to a faulty electrical outlet. Her parents, Tommy & Sonya Mazzella, had been in negotiations with their insurance company for several years with no end in sight. Recently, they finally received a settlement from the insurance company and are re-building Haylee's childhood home. They look forward to moving back into their home. We're very happy for you, Tommy & Sonya! Haylee's mommy, Sonya, is working on a wonderful new tribute to her beloved daughter. She is going to start a charity that provides free swimming lessons to children if their parents first attend classes on water safety and drowning prevention. She is in contact with the YMCA about setting it up. Always keep Haylee's dear family in your prayers -- the pain of losing Haylee has not lessened. If anything, it continues to grow more painful. The holidays are especially hard for them. Haylee's MeMaw misses Haylee and how Haylee would help her prepare the holiday feasts -- they were the best of friends! MeMaw also misses her sweet husband, Buford "Boots" Easley, who passed away from cancer on 12-20-01. She is glad to know that Pop and Haylee are together and happy in Heaven, but she wishes she could be with them, too. Love you so much, MeMaw <3 3/3/12 Haylee's Mommy, Daddy, & little Thomas / Bubba have finally moved back into the house where Haylee was growing up. (It burned down in an accidental fire a little over a year after Haylee died, a few days after her mommy's birthday -- the family was not at home at the time). All these years they have been fighting their insurance company over a settlement. They kept taking care of the yard, including the grape vines that Haylee herself planted there, which now bear fruit in season. They finally got to rebuild and are now fully settled in their old / new home. Sonya hung Haylee's drawings in her room and put her books & things in there, but MeMaw says, "it just isn't the same." Another sad thing for MeMaw recently was when Haylee's parents took Bubba to Disney World. She couldn't bring herself to go. Bubba loved it & had a wonderful time, though. Thank you to all the wonderful people who leave Haylee messages in her guestbook. I still regularly copy & paste them into e-mails for her family, and they are cherished.


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