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Shelli Stuart

Memorial created 11-24-2008 by
Shelli Stuart
Haylee Danyelle Mazzella
July 13 2001 - June 3 2006

This page is all about all of the loving and wonderful tributes that have been paid and are being paid to sweet Haylee in the past as well as every single day and every day to come...


Mommy bought Haylee a real star in the sky, named after Haylee.




Mommy & Daddy had a bronze headstone engraved with 12 of Haylee's beautiful photographs so that all who pass by her resting place can see their little Angel's sweetness and beauty.



Mommy bought a special bench that's placed at Haylee's Gravesite.  It has "Mazzella" carved into it and the Bible verse, "Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not, for such is the Kingdom of Heaven."  Haylee used to love to sit on Pop's (her grandfather, Sonya's Dad) bench at the cemetary so Mommy bought her her own bench.





Haylee's Mommy & MeMaw keep a tree decorated at Haylee's gravesite all the time, in pink just for Haylee.



A student of Mommy's, Claire Cullison, became a lifeguard in honor of Haylee and to help save other children from dying the way that little Haylee did.




Mommy and Daddy's friends for over 18 years, Keith & Kristie Hyde, held their daughter's baby dedication service in Haylee's name.







Shelby Easley, Haylee's cousin and best friend in the whole world, has a special shelf in her room that she calls her "Haylee Shelf."  No one is allowed to touch it.  There is a pink talking horse on it that MeMaw had bought for Haylee a few days before the accident - Sonya gave it to little Shelby the day after Haylee died and said that she knew Haylee would want Shelby to have it.  Shelby also painted a picture of Haylee and herself for the shelf - there's a picture of it on this page - she painted such a wonderful picture for her best friend.  Shelby says the shelf and all of the Haylee tribute items on it are the very 1st thing she sees when she wakes up in the morning and the last thing she sees before she falls asleep at night.  (She has the shelf hung at eye level to her top bunk bed).



Little Thomas Mazzella the 4th (Bubba) painted a dinosaur for Haylee and has it on a special shelf in his room.  He painted the dinosaur pink, of course!  He did such a good job on it for Haylee.





A lot of people wear a pink memory bracelet for Haylee; we never take the bracelet off.  It says "Haylee "Baby Girl" Mazzella" & "July 13, 2001 - June 3, 2006." 
The bracelets were originally bought for Mommy & MeMaw by Mommy's best friend, Becki Johnson.  Mommy decided to get a lot of them so she could give them to family and friends.  Here is a list of those who wear Haylee's bracelet so far:
Mommy - Sonya Mazzella

MeMaw - Bonnie Easley

JoJo - Joseph Bryant from Texas, Haylee's cousin

Becki Johnson -Mommy's Best Friend 

Beau Nagel, Becki's brother

Claire Cullison from Louisiana - student of Mommy's
Corey Nix from Louisiana- Claire's boyfriend

Shelli Stuart from California - Friend of Mommy & MeMaw

Janni Nannberg from Denmark- Friend of Mommy & MeMaw & Shelli

Aimee Verdon from New Jersey- Friend of Mommy & MeMaw

Carol Kelley from California- Shelli's best friend

Rae Lee Moore from California- Shelli's mother

Ines Costa, 13, from Portugal -Admirer of Haylee  & friend of Shelli, Pantelina & Noora

Dawn Etheridge from Northumberland UK - Admirer of Haylee & friend of Shelli

Eva Mercedesz from Italy - Admirer of Haylee & friend of Shelli

Pantelina Vassiliou from Cyprus - Admirer of Haylee & friend of Shelli, Ines, & Noora 

Tanya Reil from Massachussets - Admirer of Haylee & friend of Mommy

Kristie Hyde from Louisiana - Friend of Mommy & Daddy for over 18 years

Noora Ojala from Finland - Admirer of Haylee & friend of Shelli, Pantelina, & Ines

Yesica from Argentina - Admirer of Haylee & friend of Shelli

Stephanie Brown, age 13, from Northern Ireland - Admirer of Haylee and friend of Shelli

Sarah, age 14, from Germany - Admirer of Haylee & friend of Pantelina and Shelli

Bella from Ireland, admirer of Haylee and friend of Sarah and Shelli

Amy Pinter, friend of Mommy & Shelli Amanda Morin, Massachussets, admirer of Haylee &friend of Shelli Dana Virtue, 20, from Northern Ireland, admirer of Haylee


Silvia Navarro Rivademor, age 15, from Barcelona, Admirer of Haylee & Friend of Shelli and Ines Sarah Thollot Salem, age 17, from France, Admirer of Haylee & Friend of Shelli and so many others... Hayley Sutton, age 15, Liverpool, England, Admirer of Haylee & friend of Shelli Carlota, age 17, from Spain Nadia, Janni's daughter, from Denmark Renee Vasylionis from New Jersey, friend of Shelli & admirer of Haylee & Mommy of baby Skye Angel Harrison here on VM & also daughter of Maria Romanchick from here on VM Sondra Yaukey from Maryland, admirer of Haylee Heather Taulborg from Kansas, Admirer of Haylee & friend of Shelli Heather's Daughter from Kansas


Daddy's best friend John Cristadora named his new baby girl's middle name Danyelle to honor Haylee.
A group of Daddy's childhood friends held a softball fund raiser in honor of Haylee to help Sonya and Tommy with expenses. 
Janni Nannberg visited cathedrals in London, England and lit candles for Haylee at Westminster Abbey & St. Paul's Cathedral.  She also had a chaplain there say prayers with her about Haylee.



MeMaw had a beautiful ring created in honor of Haylee.  It has a pink stone for Haylee and is displayed on a pink hand-shaped ring holder at MeMaw's house.


Shelli's locket


Mommy wears a locket that MeMaw & Aunt Sherry bought for her shortly after Haylee's death.  It is engraved with Haylee's name on the front and on the back it says "7-13-01" with "6-3-06" under that.  It has Haylee's lovely dance picture in it and also a lock of Haylee's hair.  Mommy only takes it off to shower.

 Mommy wears Haylee's heart-shaped ruby birthstone earrings and never takes them off (she never will).  Haylee was wearing them when she died.

MeMaw has been wearing Haylee's first pair of ruby birthstone earrings since the day after Haylee passed.  She has never taken them out of her ears and she never will.


Sonya (Mommy) wears 2 butterfly rings in honor of Haylee.  Butterflies symbolize "new life."  Haylee bought her the purple one because purple was her mommy's favorite color.  Bubba bought her the pink one because he knew she loved pink now in honor of Haylee and her love for pink.  There are pictures of the two rings down lower on this page.

Aunt Sherry Bryant wears a silver I.D. bracelet that says "Haylee" and under that it says "7-13-01 - 6-3-06."

Shelli Stuart wears Haylee's gold heart-shaped earrings - they have a little flower-shaped pink stone in the middle of the heart.  I never take them off and I never will.

Eva Mercedesz wears an antique gold locket for Haylee; see pictures down lower on page.

Janni wears a silver elephant necklace that Mommy & MeMaw bought for her.  (Janni always says we are elephants and Haylee is our baby elephant because elephants never forget & we will never forget Haylee)






Shelli wears a locket like Mommy's that Mommy and MeMaw bought me for Christmas 2008 - it has Haylee's name engraved on it for the front and "7-13-01" with "6-3-06" under it for the back of the locket.  It has four beautiful pictures of Haylee inside of it.  I only remove the locket to shower.






Haylee's cousin Jo-Jo always let Haylee play his guitar with him.  She called his guitar picks 'hearts'.  When she would find one he had left here, she would say, "I found Jo-Jo's heart!"
MeMaw had a necklace made for him that is a guitar pick and on the back of it it reads, "Haylee's Heart"  On the front it has a very small birthstone (ruby) for her birthday. 
He NEVER takes it off.

MeMaw drinks out of a "My Girl" coffee cup daily in honor and memory of Haylee.
Carolina Angel created a memorial page for Haylee at findagrave.com where people can come and leave her little gifts (free pictures that you choose) and notes.

Sonya made for MeMaw

Mommy made collage pictures with Haylee's sayings written around the pictures for MeMaw and for Shelli; they are on display in our houses.

Sonya made for Shelli


Haylee's Great-Great-Grandmother, Alice Mazzella, had a beautiful throw blanket with Haylee's picture on it made for her Mommy, Sonya Mazzella


Haylee used to tell MeMaw all the time, "I Love You to the Moon & Back!"

For Christmas 2008, Mommy made this memorial artwork for MeMaw, which now hangs on MeMaw's wall


Cindy Parden, friend of Mommy & MeMaw, made sweet and lovely memorial boards full of pictures of Haylee and her family for display at Haylee's memorial service.

Free Heart Pink Glitter MySpace Cursors at www.totallyfreecursors.com


Haylee's tree at MeMaw's house


MeMaw's Christmas tree was always decorated in pink for Haylee.  She has kept it that way ever since and it will always be done in pink just for Haylee.


Mommy and MeMaw decorate a pink Christmas tree for Haylee at her gravesite every year.


The Bryant family has a little pink Christmas tree they put up for Haylee at Christmas time.


Shelli has a pink Christmas tree that Mommy bought me for Christmas 2008; I am never going to take the tree down & I always have the pink lights burning for Haylee.  It has ornaments Mommy & MeMaw got me for Christmas 2008 - a gold angel with Haylee's name engraved on it, a pink castle with Haylee's name painted on it, a dinosaur with Haylee's name painted on it, and on the top is a pink crystal angel that MeMaw got for me at an annual Christmas time memorial service in Louisiana for Haylee. 


Janni has a little pink tabletop tree she got from MeMaw and Mommy for Christmas 2008; she leaves Haylee's tree up year round.


Haylee's tree at her resting place
Haylee's tree at Shelli's house
Haylee's tree at the Bryants' house


 Mommy & MeMaw - Had Memorial Bricks made inscribed with "In Loving Memory of Our Baby Girl:  Haylee Mazzella" and placed one in the Children's Memorial Garden at the local park.  MeMaw also has one on her fireplace. 



On the 2nd anniversary of Haylee's passing, June 3, 2008 - the Bryant family planted a special garden in memory of Haylee.  It is full of beautiful pink flowers and child-themed statues.  They even bought a pink shovel to use when planting the garden! 





Mommy's best friend, Becki Johnson, ordered a memorial plaque about Haylee for Sonya.  It hangs in Sonya's bedroom.



Rachel Bryant, Haylee's cousin "Ray-Ray," bought a pink laptop computer in honor of Haylee.  She also wrote Haylee a beautiful tribute and poem and remembers and honors Haylee each and every day. The poem is on page 3 of this website, the "We Miss You So" page.



Daddy ordered Mommy a pink laptop computer in honor of Haylee in March 2009.



For the annual memorial walk with The Compassionate Friends (a group for parents and family who have lost a child), Haylee's Mommy wore her hair in pigtails in honor of Haylee.  Such a sweet and lovely tribute.


This memorial was made for Haylee by a fellow teacher and friend of Mommy's, Lori Plaisance and her daughter Loren Plaisance.



5 people have gotten tribute tattoos for Haylee - Mommy, Daddy, cousin Joseph Bryant, Janni Nannberg, and Shelli Stuart.   The tattoos and stories behind the tattoos are on "Haylee's Tattoos" page here, near the beginning of this memorial.


Shelli Stuart keeps a yellow hair ribbon and pink ponytail elastic of Haylee's in a treasure box that has a picture frame on the top of it.  MeMaw blessed me with this sweet remembrance of the cutest little girl who ever wore ribbons & it is my most prized possession in the whole world.  That one little ribbon holds such richness of so many beautiful memories, and it holds tremendous sadness at this horrible loss.

Countless caring people have lit candles for Haylee and her family at her memorial website created by her Mommy & her MeMaw.  The site is at:


Each candle means a lot to Haylee, her Mommy, her Daddy, her brother Bubba, her MeMaw, and all of Haylee's loved ones.  Thank you to all who have lit these candles and to all who sign Haylee's guest book here at Virtual Memorials.  Your kindness means a lot to this dear family.  You help to keep Haylee's beautiful memory and spirit shining so brightly.

Many people have created blingees (photos accentuated with graphics) for Haylee -Nancy Stephany, Dawn Marie, Taylor, Eva Mercedesz, and Shelli Stuart.


Haylee's cousin Joseph Bryant, "JoJo" to Haylee, is in a band.  He wrote the words and music to, and recorded on CD, a song for Haylee entitled "Does She Rest?"  The band is called Fusion and the name of the CD is The Heights.  JoJo sings and plays guitar on the song.

Kally and Lucy both created memorial pages for Haylee at Gone Too Soon.com.

Many poems have been written for Haylee, including poems by Mommy, MeMaw, Rachel Bryant (Ra-Ra), Aunt Sherry Bryant, Aimee Verdon, Shelli Stuart, & Ines Costa.  They can all be found either on Haylee's tributes and condolences page at http://www.haylee-mazzella.memory-of.com or here at this website.





Sherry Bryant bought Mommy a beautiful concrete long-necked dinosaur (Haylee's favorite dinosaur is a long-necked) for Mommy.  It stands on MeMaw's front porch where Mommy and her family currently live.





Ines Costa created a website dedicated to water safety so that other children wouldn't have to die the way that Haylee did.  It is at:  www.hayleelegacy.webs.com

HAYLEE'S PAGES AT FOTOLOG: Yesica from Argentina started a page for Haylee at Fotolog, and since then, a number of other people have either made Haylee her own page there or honored her on 7-13-09 - her 8th birthday - with a special photo. Here are links to all of those pages, provided by Yesica: http://www.fotolog.com/divina_haylee Other fotologs : http://www.fotolog.com/haylee_angel/21123457 http://www.fotolog.com/haylee_mazzella/21122291 http://www.fotolog.com/yeremi_vargas/17790295 http://www.fotolog.com/riley_memory/37812685 http://www.fotolog.com/destinychampagne/50326645 http://www.fotolog.com/findmadeleine_4/39081617 http://www.fotolog.com/coble_kids/65235199 http://www.fotolog.com/memoryofhaylee/83527528 http://www.fotolog.com/memory_haylee/83517675 http://www.fotolog.com/riplittleangels http://www.fotolog.com/hayleemazzella http://www.fotolog.com/sweet___babies http://www.fotolog.com/findsofi_maddie/39084934 HAYLEE'S PAGE AT FACEBOOK

Pantelina Vassiliou made a page for Haylee on Facebook.  It is at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=45762462373#/group.php?gid=45762462373


Jasmine Brooke created a group page for remembering Haylee.


Haylee's ProBoards page by Sarah from Germany




A lot of people have made tribute videos for Haylee - none of the people who made them ever knew her except her Mommy.  So many people just fall in love with her & feel compelled to pay tribute to her sweet little life.

Here is a list of current videos:



Sonya Mazzella, age 37, Haylee’s Mommy, from Louisiana – 2 tribute videos, (each one has its own page here at Haylee’s website)


Tribute To Haylee Mazzella  Catherine Touchette , 23 years old 


 byIn Memory of Haylee Mazzella Hannah (AdorableElle04), 12 years old

haylee mazzella - heaven's princess    by Ines Costa from Portugal age 12


In Memory of Haylee Mazzella Karley (coolfaith06), 16 years old


Remembering Angels at Christmas time Dawn Etheridge from UK (oscaridge)


Remember *Haylee Mazzella Lizzie (punktiiii), from Austria, 15 years old


Tribute to Haylee Mazzella//fly butterfly
in loving memory of Haylee Mazzella
What Haylee Mazzella was like..  All 3 By Pantelina Vasseliou (Sarofan), 18 years old


♥*ღ..[In loving memory of Haylee Mazzella 2oo1/2oo6 ...

HAYLEE MAZZELLA ::: AN OTHER DAY WiiTHOUT YOU ,,,  Both by Sarah from France (Rose2812)


In Loving Memory of Haylee Mazzella  Emily / Starfun21


In loving Memory of Haylee Mazzella Mandy832, 25 years old, from Switzerland  (This video has been watched over 113,000 times & I think she was the first non-family member to create a tribute video for Haylee!)


Memory:: Haylee Mazzella (2001-2006) Thekathy1989 (Kathy) from Germany, age 19


In Memory of Haylee Danyelle Mazzella Lizzyjack (Elizabeth), age 21


❤ In Loving Memory of Haylee Mazzella 2001-2006 ❤ Heidi (whereismaddie), age 14


Haylee Mazzella tribute // Precious Child 

Haylee Mazzella, forever in our hearts.

These children smile in heaven now 

Merry and Peacfully Christmas to Everyone All 4 videos by Terachishinya (Noora Ojala, age 17, from Finland)


~Haylee Mazzella Is in the Arms of The Angel ~

Xxx Tribute to Haylee Mazzella xxX   Both by littlemisssunshine47 / Isabella or “Bella”, age 14


Tribute In Memory Of Haylee Mazzella 

Haylee mazzella // Because You Loved Me

Tears In Heaven   All 3 by sprouserocksmyworld / Nomi, age 18


*•.¸Haylee Mazzella - In Heaven at Christmas.•* 

¸.•*☆* In loving Memory Of Haylee Mazzella *☆* ...

Haylee Mazzella

Haylee Mazzella

Haylee Mazzella-written in the stars All 5 videos by Piczipower or bellarose94 (Holly)


Haylee Mazzella

In Loving Memory of Haylee Mazzella

I'm A Cute Angel!!! RIP

Children (missing/passed away)

4 Little Angel In Heaven  All 5 by Haylee6453, age 13


In Loving Memory of Haylee Mazzella

Rest in Peace Haylee Girl!  Both by Lost1jazz / Jasmine, age 16


haylee mazzella

haylee mazzella2

haylee mazzella 2 amazing

emma shelton and haylee mazzella  All 4 videos by americanidolofficial, age 25


haylee danyelle mazzella by Twinsrule265


In Loving Memory Of Haylee Mazzella  by angelrider17 (Shannon, age 18, from New Zealand)


In Loving Memory Of Haylee Mazzella by findmadz (Jordan, age 16, from New Zealand)


Haylee Mazzella

Missing/Murdered Both by MsWhatsoever


Haylee Danyelle Mazzella 2001-2006 by Aperry0707 (Angela, age 25, from Pittsburgh)


haylee mazzella by tammytooths, age 21


In memory of Haylee Danyelle Mazzella by lilliesha (Rachel, age 16)


Gone too soon by Fergz101 from Los Angeles


Shelli Stuart, age 38, from California – I have made a lot of them - they are all on the videos page here at Haylee’s website.





If you’ve made Haylee a video and I missed you, it was unintentional & I’d love to include you; just let me know!





He was her "boyfriend," her most favorite friend from school, Andre Bustamante.  They played Mary & Joseph in the school Christmas play together.  Andre's tribute is his door to his bedroom is covered with pictures of Haylee that his mom is not allowed to touch.  Over 2 years after he last saw her, he still visits Haylee's resting place and brings her flowers.



Haylee's Mommy had Haylee's cross put onto this background and is saving it for Haylee's little brother to wear when he is old enough.  Haylee's Pop bought the cross for her.



Haylee's Mommy, Sonya, wears 2 butterfly rings for Haylee.  Haylee bought Mommy the purple one because she knew purple was her Mommy's favorite color.  Haylee's little brother, Bubba, bought her the pink one in honor of Mommy's new favorite color, pink - just like Haylee's favorite color.  Butterflies symbolize "new life."



 Haylee attended the Debby Dillehay School of Dance and after she died Debby Dillehay and MeMaw (Bonnie Easley) instituted a Scholarship in Haylee's name. Each May at the recital, a child is given a scholarship in Haylee's name. Debby chooses the child who is four years old and has shown the most improvement in the last year. Every year MeMaw sends money for the scholarship to Debby. MeMaw thought this was a really neat way to remember Haylee through her dance.






Haylee's favorite story was "The Crippled Lamb" by Max Lucado.  (Haylee Girl always called it "The Crooked Lamb") MeMaw donated a copy of the book and also its video to Haylee's favorite teacher, Barbara Schayot. Mrs. Schayot keeps them in her classroom at Crescent City Christian School (4 year old Pre-K class) and reads them to her students and lets them watch the video each year. These were given in honor and remembrance of Haylee.



For my birthday on 2/8/09, Sonya and MeMaw gave me this tribute to Haylee: a pink sweatshirt with a dandelion on it (they know one of my all-time favorite pictures of Haylee is the one of her blowing on a dandelion - it makes me cry just to write that!).  They had special lettering done that says "Haylee's Dandelion." 

In this pic, you can also see my Haylee locket they gave me for Christmas, and Haylee's earrings that they also gave me for Christmas.  I am so proud to wear these tributes to the finest baby girl there ever was or will be. 



 For Valentine's Day, 2009, Daddy bought Mommy a new wedding ring. It is dedicated to you because the name of the design is "Angel Halo." Mommy was so happy! What a sweet and wonderful gift from Daddy.

Valentine's Tribute from Eva that I adore!





These are JoJo's (Joseph Bryant, Haylee's adored cousin) necklaces. The guitar pick one is one that MeMaw had made for him after Haylee died... she used to find his guitar picks laying around the house. She called them "hearts." When she'd find one, she'd say, "I found JoJo's heart!" So MeMaw had one of his guitar picks made into a necklace for him. On the back is a ruby (Haylee's birthstone) & a saying, "Haylee's Heart." The other necklace with the music note is also from MeMaw. The pearl on the necklace is from one of Haylee's pairs of pearl earrings.

Haylee's Tribute in Dance Yearbook



The next 2 pictures are of Eva Mercedesz' antique gold tribute locket that she wears for Haylee. Beautiful.



March & April 2009

At Haylee's resting place, her Mommy, MeMaw, Daddy, & little brother Bubba have been planting a lot of pink flowers in her garden for her - such a sweet labor of love for a little girl who loves pink.



APRIL 2009

Eva Mercedesz has created the most complete & the most loving tribute I could ever imagine for little Haylee Girl. She got items to represent all of things that Haylee loved, that were important to Haylee, or were big parts of Haylee's little life. She will be adding more to it & I will update the photos accordingly. Here is Eva's list of things that are in the cabinet for Haylee:

-rabbit (Haylee loved MeMaw's rabbits)

-tweety (Pop called Haylee Tweety Bird)

-pig tails (Haylee's best hairstyle)

 -pony (Haylee loved ponies)

-dragontails (favorite TV show)

-worm (Haylee loved to play with worms) -turtle (she loved turtles)

-apple (at school each child had an apple next to their name on a board. If they misbehaved the teacher moved the apple. Haylee was so proud her apple was never moved in a whole year of school)

-little lamb (for Haylee's favorite story)

-a little piece of pink ribbon (Haylee always wore pink ribbons)

-"hip pa ma pot a mas! :) (Haylee mispronounced hippopotamus when she was tiny)

-In the frame you can see a swing (Haylee loved to swing at MeMaw's)

and in the frame's right corner you can see a ballet dress (Haylee was a dancer)

-3 baby dinos (Haylee adored dinosaurs)

-a little moon (she used to say "God bless the moon and God bless me" & "I love you to the moon and back"

- a little thing about Halloween (Haylee loved Halloween)

-a cancer (Haylee's astrological sign)

-4 "injun turtles"!! :D (that's how Haylee said "Ninja Turtles" which she loved because her cousin JoJo loved them)

- a long neck dino (Haylee's fave kind of dino)

- duck (Haylee had 2 ducks named Spirit and Ducken - named them herself!)

-lipstick (Haylee loved to wear Mommy & MeMaw's lipstick)


This is Haylee's yellow ribbon & pink ponytail elastic kept in a treasure box at Shelli's house.


This is Haylee's little long-necked dinosaur, hair scrunchy she wore to dance all the time, and plastic bunny necklace / headband (she wore it as both depending on what she felt like at the time). They sit on top of my (Shelli) computer as a constant reminder of the little girl who loved them so.


Sonya (Haylee's Mommy) made this pink butterfly pin & sent it to me. She actually made a lot of them for her Compassionate Friends group (a group of bereaved parents who meet monthly) & she sent me another one, which I gave to Eva. So pretty & made with so much love for Sonya's beautiful daughter.


This is one of Haylee's pencils. She had these at school with her. MeMaw was so sweet to share one of them with me even though she only has one other pencil.


This is Haylee's jewelry chest, bought for her by MeMaw as a surprise that she would get for her 5th birthday. MeMaw never got to give it to her. It now sits next to MeMaw's bed in her bedroom. Haylee's favorite dolly (also from MeMaw) "NuNu" (named after her beloved pacifier) sits right on top. Haylee loved jewelry and she would have been so excited by this beautiful and loving gift from her MeMaw.

For Annual Memorial Walk, 10-5-09
Hat made for annual memorial walk 10-5-09

For Christmas 2009, MeMaw got this silver charm bracelet for Sonya & for me. It has 4 charms on it: a dinosaur, a lizard, a ballerina, and a pink butterfly. I was totally speechless & in awe when the bracelet arrived; what a perfect & loving tribute to a dear little girl's favorite things.

Hayley Sutton had this Hallmark card made for my b-day 2011
Shannon Clarke made me this b-day card 2011 (middle)

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