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Memorial created 11-24-2008 by
Shelli Stuart
Haylee Danyelle Mazzella
July 13 2001 - June 3 2006

Aunt Sherry is Sherry Easley Bryant, MeMaw's daughter, Sonya's (Mommy) Sister

Aunt Sherry adored Haylee so much!  Haylee adored her too.  Aunt Sherry is the Mother to Haylee's beloved cousins, JoJo & Ray-Ray.  She is married to Unk (Uncle Rusty).

Here are a few of Aunt Sherry's writings for Haylee:





Haylee's News..a song

without music 


I wrote the words to a song about the day I heard the news that Haylee was gone.  My brother called to tell me the news and at first I did not believe him, I literally fell down on my knees in the middle of the floor and began to scream to God NO!NO!NO!  
My son, Jo-Jo, plays guitar and he will put music to the words one day but for now, this is my song and this is her mommy's song... without music.

Haylee’s News

When I first heard the news 
I fell down on my knees
Bowed my head to the floor
And I heard myself scream
This cannot be real
What they said is not true
I can’t think, I can’t feel, I don’t know what to do
I looked up toward the Heavens
And started to cry
How could my God let my baby girl die.

There’s no way to describe
The sheer panic I felt
Or recall desperate words
That I prayed as I knelt
I’ll do anything Jesus
Please don’t take my child
I kept praying and begging and crying out loud.
All my life I’ve been faithful
I’ve trusted you lord
Is this punishment now for not doing more?

My sweet angel was precious
She only knew love
She prayed every night
To her God up above
She sang songs about Jesus
She trusted his word
She was too young to die, oh my God how I hurt.
I know that she’s in Heaven
And I know we’ll meet again
But nothing on this earth will comfort me til then

I prayed for God to give me peace
Then I saw my baby boy
Her precious little brother
Who filled our lives with joy
She always felt such love for him
The way big sisters do
As God speaks to my broken heart, somehow I know it’s true
She’s in a better place today
Than she has ever been
A place where joy and peace and love are flowing with no end. 


Another Song for My Haylee   Aunt Sherry 


I talk to Haylee in my heart all the time and sometimes I put my thoughts into words in the form of a song.  One day my son, Jo-Jo, will write a beautiful melody to go with the words to this song that I wrote about my little angel.  Until then it is a song for my Haylee and the music is in my heart.

My Haylee’s Heaven

My Haylee’s in Heaven and God’s on his throne
And the angels that came here to carry her home
Are all singing and playing in heaven's live band
And my Haylee is dancing and clapping her hands

In my mind's eye I see her with beautiful wings
And she blesses the lord with her smile when she sings
Hallelujah to Jesus with an angel’s sweet voice
I hear my Haylee girl laughing and singing with joy

I can’t wait till I join her and dance in the streets
Singing praises to Jesus bowing on bended knees
With my heart overflowing from wonder and love
While my Haylee holds onto my hand up above 

One by one we’ll all follow her through heavens gate
And together forever in love we will stay
I don’t have all the answers when nothing seems right
But I know that my Haylee sleeps with Angels tonight

The days pass so slowly for those left on earth
We are blessed if we cherish what each day is worth
Just a moment in Heaven can be years in this world
When I get there my Haylee will still be my sweet girl





Aunt Sherry has always loved taking pictures.  One time Haylee asked MeMaw, "What is Aunt Sherry's favorite?" and MeMaw replied, "I think it's steak."  Haylee said, "No - it's making pictures!"

MeMaw says Sherry is the reason there are so many wonderful pictures of Haylee.  Sherry always had a camera in her hand, and her family would get onto her about having to pose for pictures all the time.  MeMaw says they are so grateful now for all of the treasures that Sherry gave them. 



Free Picture Taking MySpace Cursors at www.totallyfreecursors.com

This is a picture of Haylee with a camera "just like Aunt Sherry" (the camera is pink, of course!)


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