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Shelli Stuart

Memorial created 11-24-2008 by
Shelli Stuart
Haylee Danyelle Mazzella
July 13 2001 - June 3 2006


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Watch Haylee's video "Haylee and her MeMaw"  (Haylee ADORED her MeMaw)  (Cajun word for grandmother is MeMaw)





Watch "Haylee and her Mommy"


Watch Haylee's 7th Birthday Tribute



Haylee videos below are:

 Haylee & Her Daddy

Haylee & JoJo (Beloved Cousin)

Haylee & Ray-Ray (Beloved Cousin)

Haylee & Bubba (Adored Little Brother)

Haylee We Won't Forget You

Haylee We Miss You

Haylee & Shelby (Best Friend/Cousin)

Haylee Mazzella Story & Tribute

Haylee We Miss You (Version 2)

Haylee Special Tribute

Haylee Mazzella Angel By My Side

Haylee Story & Tribute Version 2












Made for Haylee by Dawn Marie



Watch "Haylee Mazzella We Miss You"











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