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Memorial created 11-24-2008 by
Shelli Stuart
Haylee Danyelle Mazzella
July 13 2001 - June 3 2006

Joseph Bryant is Haylee's cousin; he was 11 years old when she was born.  She wanted to be just like him!  Joseph says he wants to be just like HER now.  Haylee also wanted to marry Joseph, but she found out that unfortunately, she couldn't!  Although disappointed, Haylee quickly recovered and made her 2nd choice:  she would marry Joseph's best friend Travis.

When Haylee was tiny, she called Joseph "DoDo."  She was trying to say "JoJo."  Before too long, she mastered speaking the letter "J" & Joseph was JoJo from that point on.  JoJo & Haylee adored each other.  One of Haylee's goals was to get "All As just like JoJo" in school.  JoJo says he hadn't gotten all As, but Haylee thought so much of him she always thought he did get all As.

JoJo loved ninja turtles, so Haylee loved them too.  She called them "injun turtles."


JoJo has worn and still wears a pink memory bracelet for Haylee.  It has her name on it

"Haylee "Baby Girl" Mazzella"

"July 13, 2001-June 3, 2006"

He has never removed the bracelet and he never will.  He also got a beautiful tattoo for Haylee.  It's a drawing of her real baby footprints with her name and her date of birth on Earth as well as her date of birth back to Heaven.  Haylee is proud of you in Heaven, JoJo!  What a sweet friendship the 2 of you had and will always have.




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