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Memorial created 11-24-2008 by
Shelli Stuart
Haylee Danyelle Mazzella
July 13 2001 - June 3 2006




MeMaw's Buddy & Girl

Haylee Danyelle

MeMaw is Haylee's maternal Grandmother (the Cajun word for Grandmother is "MeMaw").  She & Haylee shared a very unique and special relationship.  They adore each other!  I say that in the present tense because they still do & they always will. 

MeMaw misses her Haylee Girl so very much.  If a daughter is dear to a woman's heart, how dear is a little Granddaughter?  Too dear for words to convey!





"It's me, Haylee & Bubba too!"

~Haylee, every day when she'd knock on MeMaw's door after school




"I Love You More Much!"

~Haylee to MeMaw, all the time





"You are the bestest MeMaw in the world!"

~Haylee Danyelle Mazzella








"Can I spend with you tonight?"

~Haylee to MeMaw, every day

(the answer was yes twice a week!)






"I think you look beautiful just the way you are, MeMaw."






"MeMaw, I want you to hold me with both arms"

~Probably the cutest quote of Haylee to her MeMaw





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"You spoil me, MeMaw!"

~Haylee Danyelle







Haylee made up a secret hand sign for MeMaw.  It meant "I love you" & she came up with the idea so that she & MeMaw could tell each other "I love you" no matter where they were or what they were doing.




A treasure cherished by MeMaw - Haylee made this for her for Mother's Day & wouldn't let her Mommy help her except for the upper right hand corner. MeMaw has it framed on her fireplace mantle now.


And the inside of the card... so sweet! Money could never buy a gift to equal this one.


Close up of Haylee's signature on MeMaw's card

What lovely penmanship and artistry from a tiny 4-year-old little girl!



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