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Shelli Stuart

Memorial created 11-24-2008 by
Shelli Stuart
Haylee Danyelle Mazzella
July 13 2001 - June 3 2006




NOTE:  If some of the videos don't load properly the 1st time, please refresh the page by pushing the toolbar button with the 2 little arrows & they should all load by the 2nd refresh.  Thank you.

This page has Haylee's home videos, uncut by me & with sound.  They're all so sweet and touching.  One thing that first struck me about Haylee's home videos is the way her family treats her ~ you can see just how much she is loved and nurtured in every frame of every video.  Another thing that really stands out is what an obedient, happy, secure little girl Haylee is.  Her videos will make you smile, laugh, and cry - all at the same time.



1.  Haylee 2005 (Playing with Bubba, helping Bubba eat his first real banana, dancing in her costume, fairy dress-up dance)

2.  Twirling (Haylee & Shelby twirl for MeMaw in their little pink tutus)

3.  Haylee Welcomes Bubba Home

4.  Haylee Shakes Her Booty!

5.  Haylee at the Zoo

6.  Haylee Sings You Are My Sunshine

7.  Haylee's Christmas Play 2005

8.  Haylee Counts on Her Fingers & Takes Pictures After Church

9.  Haylee & JoJo Play "Push"

10.  Haylee's Tumbling Act

11.  Haylee Loves Bubbles

12.  Haylee Says the Pledge

13.  Haylee & Bubba Swinging

14.  Haylee feeds Bubba his first baby food

















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