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Shelli Stuart

Memorial created 11-24-2008 by
Shelli Stuart
Haylee Danyelle Mazzella
July 13 2001 - June 3 2006

Shelby's party


Shelby's party


Happy and healthy little girl


The Sweetest Hug in History


An armful of love


My mommy is fun!


The biggest of grins


So beautiful


Cutest Pigtails Ever


Haylee Kitty Face


My favorite dinosaur!


Buddies! Haylee & MeMaw


So cute! At zoo / school field trip. MeMaw & Daddy went too.


Angel Baby


Haylee & Saydee - Haylee's 1st day of school


The cutest, sweetest baby girl


Perfect Little Girl


Haylee, Mommy, & Dino PJs


Haylee's last Halloween costume


Haylee's Last Night on Earth


Such a happy girl - always smiling


Haylee Girl + Saydee Girl Forever


Family trip to Galveston, Texas


1st Kiss - Haylee & Bubba (Thomas)


I Love Shelby Shelby Loves Me


Haylee Loves Dinosaurs & Pink


A Haylee Sandwich!


My Mommy Loves Me


Age 4 school picture


Dance Recital


Waitin' for Shelby at dance


Tattoos we got for Haylee


What a cute smile


Haylee's Artwork ~ So Lovely


What a grin!


Gotta love 'em


She loved being "Sissy" to Bubba


A MeMaw sandwich!


Haylee loves JoJo (cousin)


Loves her school uniform so much she doesn't want to change into something more comfy


All Smiles


2 Sweethearts




Hanging out with Shel


Haylee's favorite stuffed kitty


Eatin' spaghetti, little Haylee


Cutest Baby Dolls - Haylee & Shelby with Aunt Sherry


Fixing my Shelby's hair


What a sweet little face


My Dada got a tattoo for me


Haylee's dance picture


Haylee wanted to be a cheerleader


Mommy & Me get our portrait done


What a smile you have, little Haylee


Haylee loving Bubba


Girls With Guitars


MeMaw with her treasures


What a sweet & loving baby girl


Shelby's new earrings


Haylee's grave on 2 year Angelversary date


15 days before the awful day


Me n Shelby


Pony Ride!


Haylee & Shelby Watchin' TV


So excited to hold a baby alligator


My tattoo now that it's almost healed Dec. 2008


With little Saydee


Holding my Saydee Girl


So Happy


Little Baby Girl Haylee



Uncle Robbie holds me


Bubba visits December 20, 2008


Pumpkin Patch Princesses Shelby & Haylee


Mommy & Haylee Christmas 2005


Holding Onto My Mommy's Necklace


We Love Each Other So


Sonya's lovely tattoo


Mommy & Haylee on vacation


Digging for worms and very happy about it


Me-n-Mommy having fun at the beach


MeMaw & the Homecoming Princess


Mommy & Haylee Together & Happy


Mommy & Haylee getting ready to visit Pop's grave


Cinderella dance photo


Snuggle Buddies


Haylee MeMaw & Shelby


"I'll help you put your curlers in, MeMaw"


Haylee made up this secret signal to say "I Love You"


Holding the little girl all dressed in pink


Bakin' with MeMaw


How cute is this???


Family Vacation


Dada holds me at the zoo


Girls' day out Mommy & Haylee


What a grin, what a smile


Such a sweet little friendship


Sonya in pigtails for Haylee at a memorial walk


Uncle Robbie gives a piggyback ride!


My uncle is a policeman & a fireman


Haylee & Shelby so cute


This picture is so sweet


Haylee's "boyfriend" Andre - Mary & Joseph in school play


Sweet Baby Best Friends, Haylee & Shelby


Haylee-n-Thomas (Bubba)


Haylee's last birthday party


Haylee loves cheerleading


Sweet Best Friends


At Shelby's Birthday Party


Having fun with Shelby


Always happy & always together


Sweet Girls


Beautiful Little Haylee


Last picture of Haylee & Shelby hugging


One of their last pictures...


Shelby, Ray-Ray, Haylee


Loving cousins


Me, Dada, & Mommy


Dancing with Lucy


Haylee's best friend Shelby is born


Ra-Ra, Baby Haylee, & JoJo


Haylee at school with Layla


Shelby, Travis, Haylee, Ra-Ra, Bubba, & JoJo


Haylee and Layla at school


Out with Daddy & Mommy


One of her 2 last pictures


1st Birthday


Daddy, Mommy & Baby Haylee


Mommy, Haylee, Daddy togetherness


Daddy, Haylee Girl, & Mommy


A slightly different cute shot of MeMaw with Haylee & Shelby


On vacation in Texas


Haylee, Bubba, & Ray-Ray


Thanksgiving - Rachel, Haylee, & Bubba


Loving Cousins Haylee and Ray-Ray


So cute - Haylee and Ra-Ra


Playing til they got too tired - Haylee and Rachel


Fun with Ray-Ray


Haylee and Bubba


A very rare pouting shot of Haylee with Rachel


Thanksgiving, Haylee, Bubba, Ray-Ray


Petting Zoo - 15 days before the world came crashing down


Disney World




What could be better than a Haylee-Shelby hug??


Disney World


Mardi Gras


Unk holds me


Huggin' Shel


Their last family portrait


Haylee & Shelby BFF


Haylee, Bubba, JoJo, RaRa, & Shelby


JoJo, RaRa, & babies Haylee & Shelby


Me-n-Mommy Cat Faces


Me-n-Mommy havin' fun


So Happy


Huggin' Bubba


At the zoo


Easter 2006


Mommy reads to Haylee and Shelby


At the zoo when I was tiny




Easter morning 2006


Kitty Face


Brniging Saydee home


Fuller dance photo


Haylee n Mommy at a wedding




Flower Girl


Tiny Haylee & MeMaw w/Easter Basket


A famous Shelby/Haylee hug


Such a pretty flower girl


No flower is as sweet as Haylee


Big Sister


Easter 2005


On vacation with JoJo


Sweetest Smile


Getting to know Bubba


Last Halloween


Little Miss Sunshine




Last zoo trip


Holding baby Bubba


Baby Haylee


Cheering for the Saints


Getting ready to be Flower Girl


What a smile


Puppy Love with Saydee


The Grass Tickles



Cutest Girl


Baby BFFs


So cute


Feeding the ducks


Watching JoJo wrestle


Petting Zoo


Mardi Gras




The sun is bright


Tiny Tot


JoJo's holding me


Easter 2005


Happy with my JoJo


Pretty in plaid


Bubba and Haylee


Easter 2006


Shelby and Haylee Easter


Lovely in pink


Such a sweet face


Happy at Disney World


One of my favorite pictures


Visiting with Baloo at Disney World


Hanging with Chipmunks


Disney World


Prettier than a Poinsettia


2nd Birthday Party with JoJo & RaRa


Disney World


Arms Folded - so cute!


Dressup not long before accident - so happy!


Mommy Haylee Daddy - love Haylee's smile!


Baby Haylee with Mommy


Haylee with her friend Emma at their Christmas Play


So happy at her school build-a-bear workshop



Walking down the aisle, flower girl


At the zoo when cousin Carly was just born


Crescent City High School Homecoming Princess 2005


Princess Haylee Girl


Cute little Haylee in her flip flops


Dancing at a wedding


Scooby Doo! Halloween


Pumpkin Patch with Shelby


Loves cheerleading


Cute in pink


Homecoming Princess - waiting to be called


And the Homecoming Princess is... Haylee Mazzella


Pretty Little Baby Haylee


So Cute!


Beach, vacation in Galveston, Texas


Haylee Girl


Last Zoo Trip


So Sweet in overalls


Playing in Spring, Texas


Happy about the big frog!


New brother


Relaxing in their pajamas


at Shelby's house


Sweet Girl


Beautiful girl


Flower Girl


With Uncle Robbie


Mommy Sonya & little Haylee




With Chuck E. Cheese


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