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Shelli Stuart

Memorial created 11-24-2008 by
Shelli Stuart
Haylee Danyelle Mazzella
July 13 2001 - June 3 2006

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06-18-2017 1:13 AM -- By: Greg,  From: El Cajon, CA  

I was drifting around VM visiting the kids and came to Haylee and stopped for awhile to get to know her. -- Im so sorry for your loss. My son was 13 when he died - I wish you could have had as long with Haylee as I had with Erik. What beautiful little girl. Wanted you to know that someone stopped by and is thinking of Haylee tonight. Greg

06-03-2017 10:45 AM -- By: Michelle,  From:  

Sorry for your loss. May the hearer of prayers strengthen and comfort you today. (2Corinthians 1:3,4..Psalm 83:18)

03-13-2017 10:43 AM -- By: Rini,  From: Indonesia  

03-04-2017 2:23 PM -- By: Tiana,  From: Ca  

He Will Call ( Job 14:13-15 )

Life, like a mist, appears for just a day, Then disappears tomorrow. All that we are can quickly fade away, Replaced with tears and sorrow. If a man should die, can he live again? Hear the promise God has made:

He will call; The dead will answer. They shall live at his command. For he will have a longing For the work of his own hand. So have faith, and do not wonder, For our God can make us stand. And we shall live forever, As the work of his own hand.

Friends of our God, though they may pass away, Will never be forsaken. All those asleep who in Godís memíry stay, From death he will awaken. Then weíll come to see all that life can be: Paradise eternally. (See also John 6:40; 11:11, 43; Jas. 4:14 .)

12-28-2016 8:57 PM -- By: Abby,  From: Indiana  

Your daughter is so pretty. She could be a great model if she was still here I will be praying for u. Lots of love


12-28-2016 8:54 PM -- By: Abby,  From: Indiana  

07-11-2016 2:41 PM -- By: defresne geraldine,  From: la france  

bonjour je voulais juste vous dire que vous aviez une petite fille vraiment tres tres jolie magnifique pleine de vie des yeux wow un sourire une vrai princesse je suis de tout coeur avec vous

06-22-2016 10:13 AM -- By: Steve Mason,  From: Columbus, Ohio  

Such a beautiful little angel. I can't even begin to imagine the pain her loved ones felt. I am the grandfather of 6 grandsons. My first grand daughter was to be born November 29,2007. I got the phone call at work that morning that my daughter in law was going into labor. I was so very excited all day waiting for the next call which never came. I finished work and headed straight to the hospital to find Isabelle had just died. I had such a terrible time getting through this. I never got to know Isabelle but sure felt more pain than I ever had in my life. I can not even imagine the pain of getting to know them and then loosing them. To read the story of Haylee brings tears to my eyes even though I never knew her. May God be with all her mommy, daddy, family, and loved ones forever and every way possible.

06-21-2016 1:48 AM -- By: Sonya Devore,  From: San Diego ca  

I'm so sorry for your lost she is beautiful. I could not sleep after reading this story brought me to tears..I have daughter myself and I'm a single parent ..I'm praised up for your Family..Rip Peace lil Haylee

06-18-2016 12:58 PM -- By: Julia,  From: Finland  

I`m so sorry for your loss. Haylee was such a beautiful little girl. She was 2 months older than me. R.I.P Haylee

04-23-2016 11:29 AM -- By: Syd,  From: California  

Honestly Shelli, This is such a beautiful tribute site! I've looked at it over and over and I always love it! I espcially love to look over "Haylee's Tributes", I just love to see all the wonderful things people all over the world do to remember Haylee. Great job.

04-13-2016 6:36 PM -- By: Star,  From: England  

The most beautiful angel in heaven. Why did you have to go?

01-25-2016 10:01 AM -- By: Maria,  From: Rest in peace little angel  


12-17-2015 6:17 PM -- By: Eva Mercedesz,  From: from my heart  

YOU ARE ALWAYS IN MY HEART. 7 years are passed and I can't forget you. It's impossible. Hope to meet you one day precious Baby Girl. Miss you <3

12-12-2015 2:45 PM -- By: Emily,  From:  

What a beautiful little girl. I'm so sorry for your loss, but just know that Haylee is safe and watching over all of you from Heaven.

11-24-2015 10:01 PM -- By: Syd,  From: Cali  

Miss you, Baby Girl.

11-20-2015 12:46 AM -- By: kelly,  From: ohio  

What a beautiful little girl you were. Rest in peace sweetie,you're with the angels now

11-13-2015 10:30 PM -- By: Sydna,  From: California  

Haylee Girl, there are so many tragedies going on today. I know you're greeting all of the victims who have become angels with a big smile and showing them around heaven.

#PrayForALLVictims Friday 13th, 2015 🙏👼🏼

11-13-2015 7:42 PM -- By: Syd,  From:  

Dear Shelli, I was wondering if you would be able to send me a Haylee bracelet if you have any. I would really like one.

10-31-2015 12:12 PM -- By: Daisy,  From: cleveland ohio  

Dear haylee, even though I do not know u, I will always remember u. U are a beautiful, and bright little girl. I cannot wait to meet u in heaven!!! Love, daisy (age 12)

08-11-2015 6:28 PM -- By: Robert Lowes,  From: Lion's Head Ontario, Canada  

Your beautiful story is so awesome,that tears got in my way. And for a 72 year old I have never come across anything this BEAUTIFULL in my life. I can only pass on my condolence to your family and friends and my prayers go out to both of you. May the Lord keep you both strong. And as Haylee watches as a angle always do, her beautiful SMILE stand out like a moonbeam, and during the day brighter than the sun.

Your little angle I can see was more than very special. She was Haylee spelt with a SMILE.

07-22-2015 7:40 AM -- By: Tina,  From: Montreal  

The pain of losing your child never does go away. Haylee's life was way too short!!!! The love we have for our children gets even stronger with time, no matter how many years go by. Our last thought before leaving this earth will be of them and how wonderful it will be to hold them once again! Please be strong to continue this very painful journey. Everytime I visit your Angel Haylee I cannot help but cry! For i too know that horrible pain of losing a child! Your Angel will always walk beside you! What a beautiful smile she had!! Although I don't know you I am sending you a big hug!! Love, Tina

04-28-2015 7:35 PM -- By: Cindy Abbott,  From: Florida  

I just heard about you Haylee and I'm so sorry this has happened to you.i no you are running around in heaven. One day you will be renighted with your family.

04-27-2015 9:43 PM -- By: Sydna,  From: Lake city, CA  

I heard Haylee's story, and it touched me. If Haylee was still alive, she would be 1 year older than me. I didn't know Haylee or her family, but it's amazing that you can care so much about someone who you didn't know at all. All the best wishes to Haylee's family. I'm sure your doing good up there in heaven, Haylee girl.

04-23-2015 1:46 PM -- By: PATRICIA GONZALES,  From: Texas  

This video tore my heart out! I don't understand why people abuse children. We know Haylee is running in heaven, waiting fit the rest of her family and friends. My sincere condolences and blessings

04-19-2015 7:14 PM -- By: Brianna,  From: Dallas Texas  

Dear, Haylee you were such a cute little girl I hope you enjoy heaven very much

04-18-2015 2:10 AM -- By: Shelli Stuart,  From:  

Thank you, Michille from the Philippines, for spending time with Haylee and for all your kind words. Same to Katie.

04-18-2015 1:59 AM -- By: michille diel,  From: philippines  

hi i was watching videos in youtube and of this is by haylee. cant stop my tears to fall down, even i dont know the little angel. i feel attached to her. same as codi aston who were killed at the same age as haylee. i feel sad coz losing the child that the mother carried inside her womb for 9 mos. is one of the priceless gift that gave to her. i dont have my own child, but i am always praying that god will give me angel like haylee and codi aston. i cant stop realy crying by looking their happy and angelic eyes. may she find her peace in heaven. and watch over he love ones. i am praying that she reincarnate and be haylee again.

04-15-2015 9:01 PM -- By: Katie,  From: NC  

Haylee is a beautiful girl and angel. We never know why God does things, and I pray he guides you through this battle. Forever in our hearts. RIP Haylee.

12-13-2014 12:45 PM -- By: Haley,  From: Missippi  

she was so pretty I am praying for you I don't know why she had to leave


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